Religious School @ TBD!


The Irwin Lieberman Religious School at Temple Beth David is a school dedicated to instill a love of Judaism in our students. Named in memory of one of our most beloved teachers, the school meets Sunday mornings from 9:30am to 12:00pm.

Our students engage in meaningful Jewish learning and living, allowing them to develop a strong Jewish identity, a sense of community, and the skills and knowledge to practice Judaism through the study of Torah, tradition, mitzvot and the study of Hebrew. We provide a concerned, caring, compassionate community that infuses our children with spirituality
and a positive Jewish identity.

Our curriculum includes age appropriate instruction in Hebrew, Jewish values, Torah, Jewish texts, Israel, traditional prayers, holidays and various other Judaic studies topics. A dedicated group of teachers ensure that each student learns according to his or her abilities. During their last 2 years of study, the students will be trained more rigorously and individually for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Temple Beth David Religious School…

  • offers classes for children in grades K through 7.

  • is solidly rooted in the learning and practical application of Jewish values.

  • offers dynamic, engaging monthly family programming and service projects centered around Jewish values, culture, and tradition, as well as such themes as Shabbat, the Jewish holidays, and Israel.

  • emphasizes Hebrew fluency and comfort with religious services.

  • approaches religious school experiences through highly innovative, creative, project-based, deeply meaningful and relevant teaching and learning practices and experiences.


We are very excited this year to introduce our students to s new curriculum called Shalom Learning! Throughout the year, the Temple Beth David Religious School students will focus on the following sequence of core Jewish values:


  • Teshuvah - taking responsibility for your actions

  • B'Tzelem Elohim  - honoring the image of G-d in ourselves

  • Gevurah - using one's inner strength and outer strength

  • Achrayut - doing what you can to make the world a better place

  • Hakarat Hatov - seeking joy and being grateful

  • Koach Hadibbur  - understanding the power of words

  • Shalom - helping to create a more peaceful world


We begin each unit with a kick-off program, explore each value during the following weeks, incorporate holidays that tie into the value, and complete our learning about the value through a meaningful hands-on experience (e.g., field trip, service project, etc.) All grade levels focus on the same value, so children within families can discuss and share with each other. Kick-off and final events for each unit involve family programs, so parents and children can share the joy of experiencing Jewish learning together, as well as with our greater school community. 



All program and supply costs are included in the tuition. Field trips may be an additional cost. Temple Beth David Religious School tuition is as follows:

  • $250 per child

  • $150 per each additional child in family

Temple Beth David requires that families of all students are TBD members. 


It's never too late to enroll so please contact us at 352-686-7034 for more information.

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