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Join one...and let your voice be heard!

Bill Hager, Director
Works to maintain and improve our beautiful synagogue and grounds. Responsibilities include regular lawn service, landscaping, organizing spring and fall cleaning activities, and the overall management of the physical property. The duties are performed through a combination of volunteer labor and contracted services.

Linda Weiner, Director

The primary purpose of this committee is to perform the mitzvah of Bikur cholim (Visiting the sick). It can be as simple as making a phone call to check in on someone in need. Or Bikur cholim can also involve visiting people who are restricted to their home because of a physical or psychological impairment or social isolation; visiting patients in a hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home; and taking people who are ill or impaired on errands or field trips. The act of Bikur Cholim is a mitzvah and is a moral and spiritual obligation incumbent upon all Jews to perform. It reflects the primary Torah value, "And you shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18). By fulfilling this role, we deeply enrich both our lives and the lives of those we help.


** Open **, Director
Promotes educational activities and programs for the congregation and community in order to increase the knowledge of our Jewish heritage. Works with various organizations to bring guest speakers and programs to our temple and our religious school.



Moshe Plager, Director

Our Committee exists to bring enlightenment, entertainment, inspiration, and joy to our Community through all cultural arts forms, including music, film, dance, and literature.  We aspire to raise funds for our Temple while inspiring creative thinking and critique by our audiences.  We welcome program suggestions from our congregants and other members of our community.

Mickie Fligleman,
As we all know, there is not a synagogue in America that does not need to fundraise in order to balance their budget. Effective fundraising committees are vital to the life and financial well-being of synagogues and are a valuable component of the ongoing work. Many of the goals of the synagogue, from programming, to repair, to community outreach, cannot be achieved without a dynamic fundraising committee focused on outreach within and outside the TBD family.  We are looking for enthusiastic members to help drive these programs and work with other committee members.

Ellie Catcher, Director

Responsible for developing strategies to actively recruit and retain members.  Recruitment efforts include outreach to Jewish families and individuals in the community and beyond who are not yet affiliated with a congregation. Members of the committee reach out to new member families to help them integrate comfortably within our temple and to encourage their involvement in temple activities.

Karen Moore, Director

Heidi Shilensky, Principal
Plans, develops and implements a curriculum which instills Jewish values, explores history, conveys traditions, and teaches Hebrew language.

Judy Elkin, Director

Recommends the form of worship for weekly services, High Holiday Services and other life cycle events. Suggests policies, or changes in temple ritual and music, working within the parameters of the Rabbi's "freedom of the pulpit.”


Carol Sitroon, Director

This is a very creative group looking “outside the box” for new and innovative ways to express our Jewishness in the 21st century. They gather information and develop short and long-term objectives for the betterment of the temple.



Larry Jasper, Chair

This is a Building and Grounds Sub Committee and it reviews and oversee the strategies, policies, practices, and risks associated with the safety and security of the temple with specific focus on safety, security, regulatory and environmental matters.​

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