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Join us for TBD's first ever kid's summer camp!

  • Where will Camp Chesed be located?
    Camp Chesed will happen at Temple Beth David. There is a plan for one off-site event, more information to follow.
  • What food will be served at Camp Chesed?
    Kosher-style snacks will be provided to campers.
  • Are all faiths welcome?
    Yes! "Chesed" translated from Hebrew into English means 'kindness.' In the Jewish tradition, we always open our doors and welcome anyone who enters. The activities for the week do build to our Friday night Shabbat services.
  • What should my child(ren) wear?
    We have plenty of fun activities planned for our campers! Please make sure that your child(ren) wear appropriate clothing that covers their shoulders, stomachs, and their bottoms. We recommend that campers wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can potentially get dirty from some of our crafty activities.
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